Monday, January 5, 2009

There will come a time when you will choose from what is right and what is easy

Today was back to school and I talked to sevaral friends,then something hit me. Someone said they were at the crossroads which was to study or just not care about he's studies. Likewise there will also be a crossroad whether someone choose to follow God or the devil. But,for me i think its never a crossroad...for me the roads are always side by side. You can be very holy and be good and everything but when temptation comes knocking can you always do the right thing? Someone can always change lanes and go to the bad side or vice versa if they want.

Besides that,people often say when they choose to believe in God then their life becomes tougher,full of obstacles and life becomes challenging but when they follow the devil's way its all smooth sailing...thats cause when you follow God,the devil is always poking you in the ass asking you to go back to your old ways but when you are with the devil,nothing happens cause the devil already has you,he wouldn't come and disturb you on the other hand God lets you choose freely and never forces you but only awaits to forgive you when you come back to His ways.

When you are following the devil you are just like sliding down a mountain waiting to reach the fires of hell but when following God you are climbing the mountain trying to reach for God's glory and its never easy so you can always choose what is easy and I hope you don't mind when you feel the heat catching on.


  1. Lawrence... It's great to see you blog. That's solid stuff you wrote there! Keep it up my friend! I'm serious this time. You the man! =)

    I hope your ass will not be poked by the devil! But really keep it up!

  2. Lawrence, this is a great post. I myself learned something new from it. I never thought of life as being a parallel road. It's a good insight.

    Keep it up. As Mark says, this is solid stuff.

    You rawk and God bless.

  3. The road less taken fer me is the road of challenges, hardships, tis true following the Christian road is not an easy, but despite the challenge in the way, remember that Jesus said it is not easy to follow Him, but the reward is great. Quote from Hebrews 12:11 "Discipline always seems painful rather than pleasant at all times, but, later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it…" A Christian calling is not a happily ever after like we see in movies or cartoons, but a happily ever after that is life-giving...:)

    Sincero en il Signore

  4. Hi Lawrence,

    Your post has struck me. I realize that sometimes, as faithful as I try to be, I am not able to command temptation with the words of Our Lord (”Get behind me satan!”) when it comes knocking on my door. By doing so, I have jumped lanes! Satan is not a fool. He does not present us with a crossroad to allow us to discern between right and wrong. He comes to us like a cunning fox, and when our faith is weak, lead us to the path of sin.

  5. Your observation is splendid.

    Maybe life is characterised by two parallel roads consisting of a series of crossroads. And we are busy running back and forth.

    And God's grace shines through when we find ourselves on the lower road, and yet there is always that one crossroad that appears before us, which would lead us back to the higher road.

    On another note, Lawrence, you look incredibly familiar to me... did I meet you in Penang or am I hallucinating?

  6. thanks for all your comments. haha =]
    and yes sk we did meet before in Penang. =D

  7. Excellent stuff, Lawrence, it was a pleaseure reading this. Happy Epiphany!

  8. LAWRENCE ! You have a blog ?
    I'm soo proud of you. :)

    Link me kay..

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  10. Hi Nick here from Singapore.

    You are a wise 15 year old. O that my catechism students are as wise as you. Don't be proud though. Everything is sola gratia =)

    God's Blessings

  11. thanks a lot for the comments people
    and sorry i don't know how to link anne

  12. One of the virtues of this "parallel roads" metaphor is that helps show how one can stop following God's will without necessarily embracing sin. The rich young man who met Jesus and walked away sad because he could not bring himself to part with his many possessions was not choosing to sin. He was just unable to follow the road to which Jesus had called him. We may hope that he changed his mind later in life and gained the love and fortitude to follow that road. I consider my own dread of fasting and the frequent excuses that keep me from prayer. It is still not too late to take up my cross and follow the Lord.