Monday, August 31, 2009

Smart or Hardworking?

Well well it's been 10 years for me sitting in a classroom...learning..
Having lessons after you know why it's called lessons? its called lessons cause the more lessons you take the less is there you need to know.

BUT knowledge is like water flowing from a water fall. Never ending as it is and water..soft as it is,yet it can overcome rocks.

In school i always hear teachers calling some of my peers as to be hardworking and some others as to be smart. What is the difference?
In the dictionary the word hardworking is putting a lot of effort into a job and doing it well. As for smart..its looking clean and neat. Only towards the word's 3rd definition does it say intelligent.. and why is that? As for intelligent it means good at learning. It doesn't jolly well say born smart.

Point being,there is no smart or stupid person. Everyone is equal.
Well, unless you are born retarded..then just sucks to be you.

Exams and tests are just made up because well it shows how much you have learned and whether or not are you learning. Whether or not are you hardworking or a slacker. Because obviously a company would want to hire somebody to do stuff and not to shake your legs.
Exam's was also actually created by those physically challenged people(fat) because it was their way of being able to stand out.
So i guess exam's was the only way they could think of to see if a person is hardworking or not. To see who deserved it more.
Because last time,you were either born of royal blood or a slave and if you are a slave then what was it you can do to prove your worth? Well long time ago it was fighting where it was harder for the physically challenged and now studying where it is harder for the one's that are lazy.

Fair enough.. and so the quest begins,to see who's the best of the best.
All of this are driven by what people might often say as passion and the desire to be better but it actually is driven by hatred of each and other,greedy,pride,avarice and etc because why is there such a need to prove oneself better than another?

What's the difference if you're in the FIRST or the LAST class in school??
Some of the one's in the first class would always look down on the last class people. THINKING they know it all but there's things that the last class guys know that the first class guys wont know maybe even till the die they die. Is studying all they know? They might not the a to z in a text books but tell so little. There's are so many things the world has to offer!

If i put him in a kitchen,will he be able to cook?
If i put him in a battlefield,would he know how to fight?
If i put him in a football field,would he know how to kick?
If i put him as a general of army,would he know to lead?
If i put him in a car,would he know how to drive?
If i put him in front of a crowd,would he be able to entertain them?
If i put him in a music class, will he know how to play?
If i put him in a art class,will he know how to draw?

The list goes on and on and on.

And yet some people act like they know everything when the truth is they know NUTS!
Everybody has 24 hours. Some people spend most of their time studying with their time,well then good for them. Some other people spend it on other things with their time, well good for them. We all know as much,just that in different fields.
SO please for some people,don't act like you know it all when you know nothing. It actually shows how little you have accomplished in life that's why you're so proud of it.
You're arrogance will be you're downfall and well the not so smart will just hate you and the one's who know more but keeps quiet will just laugh at you.

Furthermore there's no how much you know about the world test so you might not know if you're more knowledgeable then other people or not.
Not only that, remember calm waters doesn't mean there's no crocodile.
Normally the one's that talk a lot are the one that knows least.

There's also some people in school after exam's going around comparing marks
People don't exactly go around telling people how much they score for their test or indirectly telling everyone.
That's really lame.
I mean well at least humble or sane people wont..

Nobody likes a show off.
It doesn't hurt being humble anyway.

So as a conclusion, marks in tests and exams doesn't show whether you're smart or not but whether a person is hardworking or not besides that we can't deny the fact that a hardworking person makes a smart one AND if you want to know whether a person is smart or not then is just by talking and if he does not talk also does not mean he doesn't not know stuff, it could also mean he just does not wanna talk to you. =D Orr maybe he is knows a lot but not able to say it out? AHA HA There's another thought.
Point being, you'll never know so don't act pandai and we are all equal.

I mean if you don't agree then why do you think all the quotations and motivations are about perseverance, go on no matter what, pressing on and etc? It tells us to continue working hard. no quotation says go get smarter or something.
I rest my case

Btw doesn't matter if you're BLACK OR WHITE,fat or skinny, pretty or ugly, blah blah blah etc etc cause in the inside we are all the same. Are we not all equal? Are we all not made by God? Are we all not born from our mother's womb? I don't think anyone came out from the mother's backside right?
Besides, God says the last will be first and the first will be last. Every one's equal.

And let us not all forget! These quest/competition are all driven by money
It gives you POWER..It gives you status..It gives you all the earthly things..It gives you SEX.
I mean really who does not want to be rich?


I solemnly tell you it's not.
It's happiness.
It's family.
It's friends.

If you think materialistic things will make you happy then think of something that you have bought over a year or a month..are you still happy with it? Are you content with the phone you have? Are you still satisfied with your ps2 or do you want a ps3 or something better now?
Our hearts will never be content if getting earthly things is our aim.

I too thought money was it all but when i was admitted to hospital beside an old man.
After he met the accident and was going through surgeries and might die he told me that now money doesn't mean anything more to him,if he could he would give all his money for his health.
When we are about to die, we realize that money has no place in your life, it's family and IT'S GOD! We need God in every step of our way.
We need God not in our big big battles like SPM or what so ever but in our small small battles in our everyday life. The strength to live,to resist temptations from punching a irritating friend, tolerating people, following all that your parents say and now all everyone ever relates thing to is sex. We need God to help us resist watching porn or masturbating cause it is one of the most common things people do because when we are behind closed doors and alone,there's no one to tell us or guide us then we might just slip and fall.
Nowadays around the school and tuition centres it would seem like everyone masturbates and if you don't you're considered weird. My form5 senior told me he does it and it's good to sexually stimulate yourself at least 3 times a week, it's also normal to do it and he said only weird people don't.
If it's so normal why don't you freaking go to a freaking public place take off your pants and start shaking your dick?

They are the people who have so easily fallen to the devil's way and they are trying to make more people do it. Is masturbating really worth a eternity in hell?
For those free thinkers, yes there's a God.

IF there is really no God how do you think everything came into place? How can everything be so perfect? Did the chicken or the egg come first? What made the big bang happen?

If you're really know it all maybe you can figure it out

If money,sex and fancy cars are that's all to life then it sure sucks
These are what people offer
But what does life really have to offer?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Questions & Answers

1.How do I remove pictures from post which already been published?

2.What did cicak A say to cicak B?

3.what does a rich man need that a poor man has,more evil then devil and greater then god?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Taking Chances

Talking about taking chances...

Can a person win lottery if he does not buy a raffle ticket?
Can a person score a goal if he does not try to shoot?
Can a nerd score 100 if he does not study?
Or can a guy get his dream girl if he does not ask her out?

For example,

Sometimes we people wonder why ugly looking guys/girls get to go out with good looking girls/guys and it makes us wonder what could it be that he/her has that i don't?

Could it be his money?
His abs? hey...wait a minute.. don't i have one of those? lol
His car?
Orrrr his big gigantic....(clears throat) ahem... house
Or maybe because he's just a nice guy?....hmmmm don't think so...
Orrrrr could it be his sister??? haha. Guess not..

And so sometimes we wonder why are these things so.
Not to realize that actually that ugly guy had more balls than i had to ask her out. He may be ugly but he was the only one who thought differently which was maybe... maybe..... maybe....... just maybe...........i have a chance to go out with her.
And so the girl said yes cause well nobody else asked her out, all to afraid maybe she was a bit too pretty but by the time we realized that. It would have been too late.

But of course, taking chances has it's limits.
The guy can't be too fat and ugly altogether. =/
If not there would be no point ask 2,3 times.

Thus,in our lives
We must always take chances and not just run off sometimes
THERE ARE PEOPLE who are seriously what we call as wuss.
They are people whom will not accept the challenge or even just to play if they are not good at it.
When they are asked to play football,basketball,golf,swimming or what so ever and if they are not good at it then their answer's are as simple as no.

Not spotting at all.

Even to a computer game like counter strike,dotA or fifa, if he's not good and he knows you're good then he will say don't want la,you so sure win wan..
That's just typical kiasu behaviour.
Talking about being lame..

And so we have the lame people who are not so good at anything and maybe fat,ulgy,poor or stupid and lets not forget short whichever AND THEY KNOW IT. Guess what is the only thing they can do to shine and stand out?
(drums rolling)

Studying. =O
They stay at home and just study..sad..
Im not saying that studying is bad but don't let it be your only plus.
It's not everything
And the reason it is so emphasized on is it's because its worldwide,universal.
Everyone does it but on the other hand not everyone else plays football,swims or plays golf
And so it cant be compared.

But studying what everyone does so it's easier to be compared.
That's all.
Everyone can sit down and study but can everyone kick a ball or play golf or etc?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Friend's Farewell

Amos's last day in school, although he is leaving to canada but memories will still remain. A friend indeed =D

nik,amos and vignesh

rishi,me,amoi,nathan and viki

me,amoi,nathan and viki

nathan,viki and amos



weijian cutting the cake.lols

doesn't it look nice? =D

Hope you come back soon

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Friendship is a priceless gift,
That cannot be bought or sold,
But its values are for greater,
Than a mountain of gold.
For gold is cold and lifeless,
It can neither see nor hear,
And in time of happiness,
Its powerless to cheer.
It has no ears to listen,
No heart to understand,
Or reach out a healping hand,
Be thankful of God presents me with a true friend,
Instead of a mountain of silver and gold,
True friends may go,
But memories of us never never grow old.

It takes a second make a friend but is that person a true friend? or just a temporary friend? like there's no one else that's willing to talk to me so here am i untill i find someone else or someone who is just hangging on to you maybe because you are popular,rich, ladies man?

It is really all about money to people this days? If you are my friend when i am rich then what are you when i am down and low without a single penny? I have seen many long relationships that are very strong but when it comes to money then things starts to get uncomfortable. Money is important but i believe that friendship is worth even more. More than all the money in the world.

Besides that, there is always a competition between friends which i think it is not right. Everyone is for themselves nowadays and only thinking of 3 people which is me,myself and I.. always wanting to be 1st, always wanting to be the winner,always wanting to be one in the spotlight.. But in the world there is only one winner and from 2nd onwards is a whole long line of losers. Its okay to be competative but not untill the relationship is on the line.We can always strive for excellence together. Because when we are together i don't think that there is anything in the world that can stop us from achieving it.

We often hear people say that we must take care of ourselves before we can take care of other people. But are you willing to sacrifice yourself for other people? Will you go that extra mile? Being able to put other people in front of yourselves? We should always think about others instead of ourselves and not being so selfless. If we are just helping someone cause we have no other things to do or just to free then everyone must a true friend. Being able to think of other people's needs rather than yourself is a true friend indeed!

Well there's so many of this kind of friends that it blurs our vision from really being able to tell which are the friends that will be there through the thick and thin.

I need to know if you are my true friend,
Will you be by my side until the end?
Can I tell you my secrets deep,and trust them in your heart you will keep?
We are neither of us without our flaws,can you accept mine as I will yours?
I will be a shoulder to cry on when you are blue,will you be there for me when I need you?
No matter how busy I will make time for you,if you are busy will you make time for me too?
I will take your hand and comfort your tears,will you hold me and soothe my fears?
I will give you joy and many warm smiles,can we share that even across many miles?
I will not forget what is important to you,will you remember what is important to me too?
With you my most favourite things I will share,If only I know do you truly care?
If you can accept me as I do you,then I will know you are a friend most true.

It takes a second to make a friend but it takes a lifetime to be one.
Memories of us will remain till the end of time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Moral Universe

Lately, i seem to encounter a lot of friends who seem to just enjoy the movie Twilight and not only the people that i know seem to be so engrossed with this movie but a lot of young people in the world as well.
This is not good because in this movie Twilight there seems to be no moral universe because the line between good and evil are not really clear,this will cause children to develop a wrong morality and will make people confused about what is right and what is wrong.

If children from young watch this shows or read books that has no moral universe and the bad guys win and good guys lose then they would actually think there is no punishment for a crime and they can do anything they want. When they have this kind of thinking then what would stop them from doing the things that are wrong?

Besides that,we shoud not fantasize too much in our lives rather the reverse which is to face reality which some people may find it very hard to do so. It is impossible to just run away from all the problems you have because it is never ending but to face it like man.

Furthermore,the love of the girl towards the guy is disordered because she love someone evil and at any moment her life could be taken away from her by this guy and even the guy tells her so. This is not a equal partnership at all. The purpose of this twilight is just to arouse young girls because the girl gives detail desciption of how she unbutton her clothing,how loud her breathing is and how this or that feels.

She also speaks about how stupid marriage is and that husbands are dull.Its just leading young girls to lustfull thoughts and to fantasy.

Therefore we need to live in the real world and fantasize good things instead and actually going out there to do it and if you wanna read a book just go read the bible orrrrrrr you can read Harry Potter. xD

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Way The World Sees You

The world oftens takes a glance at you and only sees the things that you do, say, the clothes you wear and the way you react to things and sometimes only see what you to choose to show. This makes first impressions very important because after the first time people see you they roughly think you are the person you were before and the thing is there is people you meet everyday. All the time you must be at your best behaviour or other people might see you as another person. There can never be a good person you and a bad person you but the same you and the choices that you make.

You can be the best student in your school scoring all A's but are people going to ask for your grades or look at your resume? As someone once told me academic brilliance is no subsitute for personality. But yet there are people who scores better grades and are very proud. This are seriously the most seriously crappy like shit! How can you use your talents against other people. There is not one single person in the world who does not have talent and nobody is perfect. You could be better at some things but your friends could be better than you in other things and you dont have to braggggggggggg. It's great when people are down to earth even when they can do great things.

People seem to forget that. Thinking that only grades matter or maybe a very good looking guy. But if he is unable to portray a good personality,will people come and make friends with him? Just like going to a restaurant and looking at the menu, it might look very delicious but when you have a bite and it taste teribble then are you gonna order it again the next time?
A person can be fooled once by the good looks,the riches or the grades but at the end it the personality that matters.
You must also be able to deliver in your speech or else you can't really portray a very good image either and if you have a sucky attitude, nothing in the world else seems to matter, not even your grades, your looks, your riches or anything else.

Besides that,even if one is always doing the right thing people will always end up saying something bad.
For example,if a young teenage guy were to mix with guys then people will call him gay,mix with girls then people will call him playboy,if with young kids then people will call him pedophile and etc etc.
No matter what you do there will always be something being said.
As long as you know that you're doing the right thing then its okay because there's about 1 million people looking at the things you do with different perspective and you simply cant please everybody.

The only thing that seens to come close to personality is silence. They say the more a person talks the more the person tells about him or herself and if you don't have a good attitude it won't last.
Having said all that,the most important thing is your personality so I hope everyone has a very good personality and stand for what you say and not just change your stands as the wind blows.